March 22, 2018

Let’s do some exploring around the area surrounding Maple Cove B&B. March to me is the longest month of winter. You get a sneak peak of spring with an unseasonably warm day and then it gets snatched away with a brisk freezing breeze and another 4 inches of snow.

To combat the lethargy that comes with the middle of the month, I decided to make a few changes. This month I will try a new recipe, find a unique shop, taste a new wine, eat at a new restaurant (to me) all the while exploring a town close to me.

My first nearby town to check out is Lake Orion. Located approximately 9.0 miles away. I have visited many times, but I tend to visit the same places. Here are my picks for March

Knude Products: Real furniture, Real wood.

tables and chairs in dining area

Wine Social: “Enjoy fun wines, cocktails and craft beer.” wine glasses next to basket


Fork N Pint: For those with a passion for extraordinary food & beer. Tomato and basil pizza