Reflecting on the past 20 years.

historical view of Maple Cove Inn

When we were writing this introduction it gave us a chance to reflect on the past 20 years in our home. When I first walked into Maple Cove or the Fruehauf estate as it was known to us but was named Ridge Wood Farms by the Fruehauf’s, I was enthralled. I actually spun through the house. Two staircases, a kitchen with a pastry counter, what! Loads of charm right out of an Austen novel (Jane not Powers). Poor Mark, he was doomed to hear about it unceasingly and I mean unceasingly! I spent hours fudging our budget to make sure it looked like we could purchase it and it worked. We bought the house, knowing that there would be a few things to fix and tweak and that some day, with the townships approval of course, we would convert it into a Bed and Breakfast! Our dream within a dream of being Innkeepers.


To get us prepared, we watched the movie “The Money Pit”. Really, how could all that happen in one house? We were much more prepared for the repairs then Tom. So off we went with our children at our sides as well as a few dogs, to walk through and make our list of what to fix first. The house was uninhabited by humans for 10 years before we purchased it so we knew there were some issues. The roof for one had some, shall we say, sky lights sans the glass, in it and a great view of the sky from one, okay, maybe two rooms. Number one on the list “new roof”, when can we move in? The second “biggy” was the foundation, it was “leaning”. Such beautiful stonework though and although it needed some shoring up, I was positive the roof was worse. Number 2 on the list “Foundation”. Well I could take you through the next two years of repairs (by the way, the foundation was worse) but that would take too long so I will just sum it up. We closed off ½ the house and put a temporary kitchen in the parlor (17 years of temporary) and lived in what we lovingly called phase one until all our children were no longer children and on their own. We then finished phase two, which had been used for storage, and puppies, and now reside in that section of the house. We refurbished and refinished phase one and now it hosts 3 beautiful suites, a Great room, a Billiards room a Dining room and 4 bathrooms.

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